The Best Cheap Night Vision Scopes in 2020

A cheap night vision scope should also have a good quality. Otherwise, you will feel frustrated with a budget but poor sighting device for nighttime use. For this reason, you must take some time in finding quality scope that is cost-effective at the same time.

best affordable night vision scope

Here, you need to research and compare your options well, not just adding to cart the first item you’d find on the market.

To help you, we’ve gathered the top seven night vision scopes that can improve your shooting skills and knowledge. If you’re ready, here are our suggestions so that you can start looking for the right riflescope for your needs.

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Cheap Night Vision Scopes for 2020

  1. ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope
  2. Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32×50 Digital Riflescope
  3. Firefield NVRS 3×42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope
  4. Sightmark Photon RT 4.5-9x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope
  5. Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope
  6. Bushenll 4.5X40 Equinox Z Digital Night Vision
  7. Sightmark Photon 6.5x50S Digital Night Vision Riflescope

First, let’s take a look at the top-rated cheap night vision scopes, then we’ll talk about how to choose the right one for you in our buying guide below.

Best Affordable Night Vision Scope Reviews of 2020

#1 ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14 Smart Day/Night Rifle ScopeIf you are looking for a cheap digital rifle scope that you can use day and night and one that registers clear images no matter what time it is, then the ATN X Sight II HD is the rifle scope for you.

The ATN X Sight II HD is a durable rifle scope with a sturdy case and a beautiful design. It also equipped with innovative optics gives you the option of using scope anytime.

The riflescope is equipped with Recoil Activated Video for the option to record adventures. You do not have to miss any victory and your activities to be captured for sharing with your friends and loved ones.

What makes this rifle scope unique is the day and night mode. It can be used anywhere and anytime and it can register the best image possible no matter the lighting conditions.

The riflescope has a built-in rangefinder that will increase your skills and make hooting and hunting adventures easier. Say goodbye to additional equipment as the built-in rangefinder can do everything for you like compute for the distance in order to help you get that perfect shot.

ATN X Sight II HD has a ballistic calculator so you can leave the charts and reticles out the window. You can input the data of the environment and the specific calculations will be done automatically. It can offer you the best results in capturing your target better.

The riflescope also has a recorder that can capture your adventure in 1080p HD. With an SD card can allow you to capture and then record your victory without any USB cables needed.

On the downside, the settings freeze up. You will need to reset the rifle scope or take the battery out and put it back in.
  • HD Recorder
  • Ballistic calculator
  • Built-in rangefinder
  • Smart HD Optics
  • Recoil Activated Video
  • Settings freeze-up
The ATN X Sight II HD is the perfect rifle scope for those who love to shoot and hunt not just during the daytime, but at nighttime too.

#2 Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32×50 Digital Riflescope

Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital RiflescopeYou can now see your target in HD with the Sightmark Wraith Digital Riflescope. You can hunt with a 1920 x 1080 HD sensor, an advanced technology that gives you full-color clarity during your daytime shooting with this scope that is one of the top recommendations among tactical hunters and shooters.

With this riflescope, you can just hit the left arrow if you need to switch it to night mode. It has classic black and white or emerald viewing options.

Sightmark Wraith Digital Riflescope is a new, versatile and revolutionary cheap night vision rifle scope. This riflescope is perfect for daytime and nighttime use. The Wraith is high-resolution is made for all hunting applications including predator, hog and even deer.

The riflescope is up for customization, it also has 9 color choices and 10 reticle options that can fit your needs. It has a battery life that can run for 5 hours with 4 AA batteries and a Micro USB port that can help expand the options for the power of the riflescope.

The additional features of the riflescope include a color model that is fit for daytime shooting, classic green or black and white. It also comes with an 850nm IR Illuminator that can be removed and it can also detect a range of 200 yards.

The riflescope has a weaver rail that allows you to add accessories that you may need in the future. It’s equipped a micro USB that allows video and photo export and outboard more power supply.

With a simple button mapping, this riflescope can be operated easily. It has a user interface that is easy to follow, so you can make sure that everything that is dialed in is just right.

On the downside, the screen gets grainy when the riflescope is turned on and off multiple times.
  • Digital and easy to use
  • Removable illuminator
  • High-resolution wraith
  • Day and night mode
  • Easy operating system
  • Screen becomes grainy
The Sightmark Riflescope is perfect for anytime hunting. It can be used any time of day and it can detect a range of 200 yards, which makes it ideal for hunting.

#3 Firefield NVRS 3×42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope

Firefield NVRS 3x42 Gen 1 Night Vision RiflescopeYou can now hit your desired target even in the middle of the night thanks to Firefield Riflescope with night vision. This riflescope is made with a built-in, IR illuminator that is high-powered, can enhance the image details, and can increase your viewing range even in darkness.

The riflescope has a mounting system that has an easy to remove weaver, making it convenient to change its optics and to change and use iron sights while maintaining the return-to-zero reliability.

The riflescope features a 42mm lens that is meant to give you a higher and better light gathering feature and magnification that is 3 times enhanced. This riflescope offers a very clear sight even for far targets.

The Firefield riflescope is lightweight but it has a rock-solid, titanium construction and it has a lens that flips up to cover the shield from intense impact and changing weather conditions. It has multi-coated and enhanced optics and a reticle that is red duplex with incremental adjustment for its brightness. This allows you to adapt quickly to your surroundings.

The good cheap night vision scope makes it easy to change optics and to switch to iron sights. You can even go hunting or target shooting at night if you wish since this riflescope has a night vision feature and can be used even in an environment that is pitch black.

On the downside, the batteries of this riflescope get hot when it is overused. It is best to remove the batteries when you are not using the riflescope to avoid overheating.
  • A clear picture of medium and long-range targets
  • Easy to change optics
  • return-to-zero reliability
  • Night vision feature
  • Lightweight
  • The battery gets hot when overused
The Firefield Riflescope with night vision is perfect for those who love to hunt at night and those that are still getting used to hunting and shooting.

#4 Sightmark Photon RT 4.5-9x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Sightmark Photon RT 4.5-9x42S Digital Night Vision RiflescopeIf you are looking for best budget night vision scope with high technology, one of the best recommended pieces is made by Sightmark. Here are its pros and cons.

Based on its specification, its most distinguished feature is its ability to see even in the dark. Through this equipment, the hunter or fighter may now also have bright vision of the surroundings even at night. It has CMOS sensor that is enhanced to 768×576 so the images are crisp for up to 40%.

In addition, Sightmark Photon Riflescope has a LED IR illuminator. It benefits the user in covered shooting areas with poor source of light as it can supply light for up to 280 yards. It can also serve as an emergency light when hunters were caught by the late night hunting.

Aside from that, a soldier or a simple hunter may also document the live shooting event using the video and sound recording of this item. The captured videos can be transferred using a special application called Stream Vision App so you can do it wirelessly.

Optics is one of the qualities that expert shooters meticulously look for a riflescope. To begin with, this riflescope has a magnification capacity of 4.5 up to 9. That means the user can comfortably see the aim larger because the lens can be zoomed up to 9th times.

Further, the light has a 6 reticle options compared to other premium quality riflescope. Therefore, the user can have 6 options of eye view with 4 colors depend on the visual requirement of any situation.

Lastly, this item is made heavy duty and durable. It is impact and water-resistant.

On the cons, it may have high battery power consumption.
  • Captures performance through its video and sound recording
  • Night vision capability
  • With built-in LED IR Illuminator for brighter vision
  • Fast replacement of battery pack
  • Water resistant
  • High battery power consumption
Still, this item is one of the best around for its topnotch qualities like water resistance and fast replacement of battery pack, among others.

#5 Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision RiflescopeHow many riflescopes do we know with a cheaper price and spoiled you with its finest features? Probably, you can name a few. One of these few affordable but competitive riflescopes is the Night Owl Riflescope.

Like an actual owl, the Night Owl Riflescope can be cheapest night vision scope that can see sharply at night. It has an infrared illuminator for light assistance. This way, hunters may now enjoy their hobbies even after daylight or even they go to dark forest and caves. Said night vision can cover 100 to 200 yards area.

Its night vision is incorporated with higher resolution of 640×480 display. Hunters can also zoom in the picture for up to 3 times, hence, the eyes of the user can richly see pristine images from the scope to be certain on the target spot.

Further, the adjustment of this riflescope’s windage and elevation is easy. For exact calculation, a single click of its windage is equivalent to ¼ at 50 yards wide. By the way, when it comes to mounting this piece, it is compatible to weaver and picatinny.

Hunters will also be happy to know that this item is made handy. It is constructed with polymer so it is lightweight. There are no more worries about your back or shoulder pain carrying it even if you go hiking on mountains to hunt wild animals.

Another thing that is loveable about this item is its ability to preserve battery life. Its battery can last for up to 4.5 to 17.5 hours that is still depending on the frequency of using the riflescope.

Finally, this piece is built rigid for various hunting pressures. It is made of thermoplastic and also weatherproof so it is long-lasting.

However, this item is compatible to 30-caliber bullet only.
  • Wider shooting range capacity
  • With infrared illuminator for night vision
  • Thrift battery power consumption
  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof
  • Compatible to 30 caliber bullet only
Overall, it is a good choice for its wide shooting range capacity, lightweight built and weatherproof quality, to name some.

#6 Bushenll 4.5X40 Equinox Z Digital Night Vision

Bushenll 4.5X40 Equinox Z Digital Night VisionAnother under $500 smart night vision riflescope is the Bushnell 4.5×40 Riflescope. This item can help hunting enthusiasts to get a bountiful yield in hunting season. Please be free to see its advantages and disadvantage.

This piece is one of the amazing creations of Bushnell. Its greatest asset comes with a night vision that is named as Equinox Z digital Night Vision. Said feature is unique among Bushnell lines.

What is more special about its night vision optics is that it has an adjustable IR illumination so the users can change it depend on their visual need. IR illumination provides bright lighting for hitting the target quickly. This illumination can widely cover up to 750 feet field of view.

Aside from the above feature, the Equinox Z digital Night Vision of this riflescope maintains the daytime color even on the darkest hours of the day. You can even adjust the zoom from 1 to 4.5 times. On the other hand, its objective lens is 40mm. This may help a lot to see aim point clearly.

Further, this riflescope can be mounted on a tripod so when you get tired of handling it through your bare hands, simply place it at the top of tripod and hit the target in the most stable way.

Hunting performances are quite memorable to many shooters. That is why Bushnell thought of a way to capture these significant moments. This riflescope has a video and image recording so you can reminisce back your hunting sessions.

The battery life of this riflescope is also dependable. It can last longer unlike the other brand.

Likewise, its life span is longer so value for money is a yes since no need for frequent replacement. It is long lasting because the construction is sturdy and resilient to different shooting pressures.

However, it is a bit bulky, though.
  • With adjustable IR illumination
  • Maintains daytime color even at night
  • Contains video and image recording for flashback replay
  • Extended battery life
  • Higher zoom resolution and objective lens
  • A little bit bulky
Overall, it is one of the most affordable and decent pick for its top features like its higher zoom resolution and image and video recording, among others mentioned earlier.

#7 Sightmark Photon 6.5x50S Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Sightmark Photon 6.5x50S Digital Night Vision RiflescopeSightmark’s digital low cost riflescope is a versatile scope under $1000, being both a digital and a daylight scope. It has the CORE technology system that provides a sharper and crisper image resolution. The scope also offers 4.6x to 6.5x magnification, perfect for mid-range hunting.

In terms of accuracy, the Sightmark digital riflescope offers 6 reticle options. You can choose from mil-dot, dot-duplex, duplex, xbow-2 and German #4. This is a useful feature since you can adjust your aim in accordance with the situation in which you are.

This digital riflescope is also equipped with a built-in IR illuminator. This allows you to increase your viewing range and see in even the darkest of nights.

The Sightmark digital riflescope is also lightweight and easy to carry. In fact, it’s 30% lighter compared to other digital riflescopes in the market. Because of this, it is quite easy to carry around and mount on most rifles.

The Sightmark digital riflescope is also quite durable and you can tell that it is made out of high-quality materials. Its optics are coated and come with a cap and the body is well-constructed. In fact, it’s both water and shock-proof.

This scope also comes with a video function, allowing you to record your hunts and review them in the future. Plus, it has a long eye relief of 60 mm.

When you purchase the Sightmark riflescope, it comes with a carrying case, a manual, video cables, and a cleaning cloth.

The only downside to this riflescope is that it consumes a lot of battery power, especially when you use the IR illumination.
  • CORE technology system
  • Durable construction
  • 6 reticle options
  • Lightweight
  • IR illuminator
  • Consumes a lot of battery power
But overall, it is one of the most recommended in this category for cheap night vision scopes because it offers six reticle options, made with the CORE technology system, is lightweight and has a durable construction. Check it out for yourself now.

Buying Guide

Who Are Cheap Night Vision Scope Best Suited For?

best night vision scope on a budget

Night vision scopes are a must-have for every hunter, especially if you want to shoot at night. The human eye is limited in terms of seeing at night. Hence, we might need illumination devices such as lamps, flashlights, etc.

However, if you were a hunter, you would know that these would scare away prey as well as alert predators of your presence.

With a night vision scope, you get to have an advantage since you would be able to see your prey while remaining hidden. Night vision scopes generally make hunting at night easier and more efficient.

Night visions scopes have gone a long way and constantly being improved by manufacturers to boost its performance. There are even various types and models available, differing only in the technology they used.

Traditional night vision scopes work by amplifying the ambient light to allow the human eye to see more detail. Photons or light particles enter the scope and convert into electrons. These electrons then generate an electric current that in turn conjures the image in the lens.

Modern night vision scopes use IR lights that give a brighter and clearer image. The scope then detects this light and uses it to conjure an image in the lens. Aside from that, IR models are more flexible and can be used during the day.

Buying Considerations: Budget Night Vision Scope

Find out more about how to choose the best night vision scope 2020 with our reviews and ratings.

best cheap night vision rifle scope

Night vision scopes come in many shapes, models and sizes that it can be difficult to look for one, especially for a beginner. Many hunters make the mistake of buying expensive ones. However, its price doesn’t guarantee a good performance. There is certainly a variety of affordable night vision scope available in the market. To help you out, here are some factors that you should consider.


One of the most important factors to consider when buying is the clarity the scope offers. Like all scopes, this is measured by lines per millimeter (LP/MM). The higher this number, the clearer and crisper the image will be.

Compared to other optics, night vision scopes don’t provide much clarity. However, most scopes in the market can already spot prey 200 yards away.


Night vision scopes have limited magnification levels. As such, the scope’s range plays an important as it influences the clarity of the image.

As a rule of thumb, look for scopes with long optics as it can produce more light. Most scopes in the market generally have a range of 100 yards or so. Other scopes have even longer ranges.

Battery Life

Night vision scopes run on batteries. The battery type and size your use will affect the lifespan of the scope and its performance.

Look for scopes that run on high-grade AA batteries. These are generally rechargeable and are quite durable. Lithium-ion batteries are also a good choice.

Also do remembers to carry spares with you when you are hunting. That way, you can use your scope for a long time.

Glass optics

When choosing a scope, look for one with high-quality optics. Optics is important, as it is responsible in collecting light, which in turn, affects the quality of the image.

Aside from the quality, ensure that your optics have coatings. This is to protect your optics from shock and other damages.


There are numerous scopes available in the market, each offering different technologies. Popular choices include digital scopes, traditional scopes and IR scopes.

Aside from that, you can also choose scopes based on their generation classes. First- and second-generation scopes are the most common in the market. These classes offer a reliable performance and used by most beginners.

On the other hand, third- and fourth-generation scopes are more high-tech and advanced. However, they are also quite rare and expensive.


Night vision scopes also come with reticles to increase accuracy in aiming. The type of reticle depends on your preference and the type of scope you have.

BDC reticles are known to be the most accurate. However, they are somewhat hard to find and can be quite expensive.

The most common reticles are the red dot ones and the simple duplex. These are also good choices especially for beginners.

Durable construction

Another important factor to consider is the durability of your scope. Hunting can be quite rough, especially at night.

Thus, it is important to find a scope that is made out of high-quality materials. It is also best to check if your scope is suited to all weather types and is also shock and water proof.


For best hunting results, it is advisable to purchase a lightweight type of scope. That way, you can easily move around when you need to.

Lightweight scopes are also more preferable since they are more durable and are easier to maneuver and aim.

Take note, the more extra features your scope has, the heavier it will. More features would also mean a more fragile scope.

Dual usage

Most modern scopes now have dual usages, as in you can use it in both day and night. While they are more cost-efficient, you should also take note that these types are generally bulky and heavy. Moreover, it is quite difficult to maneuver the manual ones.

Before purchasing this type of scope, always look at its weight and check if it really works. Automatic dual scopes are better than manual ones.


Hunting in the wild, especially at night, calls for camouflage. When it comes to scope, a matte finish is a good choice as it allows you to blend easily and doesn’t attract that much attention. On the other hand, a shinier scope would potentially scare away your prey and alert predators near your area.

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Referring to this buying guide, you can find a scope that will give you a rewarding hunting or shooting experience.

With a good budget sighting device, you can see a clear sight picture, make better adjustments, and look forward to long-term use with a rugged and quality scope that you can count on. To find one, you should compare your options well by looking into the finish, weight, dual usage, reticle, glass optics, range, battery life and durable construction.

Finally, get started with the selection process reading reviews that we have featured earlier. Buy a reliable, quality and cheap night vision scope today.

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