The Best ACOG Clones and Alternatives in 2020

Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a novice in the field, you need the best ACOG Clone that can aid you in acquiring your targets better. With the sighting tool, you can improve your range, speed and accuracy, too.

best Trijicon Acog clone

However, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the plenty of choices for this product. So instead of having an easy time, you’re finding it difficult to pick the ACOG alternative for you.

It is the exact same reason we have created the following guide. In the next sections, you will learn how to pick the right scope based on certain factors you will learn later. If you’re ready, let’s begin.

Quick Answer: The 10 Best ACOG Clones and Alternatives for 2020

  1. CRUSHUNT 4×32 Red Chevron Glass Etched Reticle RifleScope
  2. Wipboten 4×32 True Fiber Red Illuminated Crosshair BDC Rifle Scope
  3. CTOPTIC 5X35 Red Chevron Reticle Rifle Scope
  4. Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism Scope
  5. CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope
  6. OZARK ARMAMENT 4X Illuminated BDC Reticle Rifle Scope
  7. Monstrum Tactical 3×30 Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope
  8. Sightmark SM26021 Wolverine Red Dot Sight
  9. Terminus Optics 4×32 Chevron Reticle Red Fiber Rifle Scope
  10. Bushnell Tactical Elite 1×32 Red/Green T-Dot Riflescope

First, let’s take a look at the top-rated acog clone scopes, then we’ll talk about how to choose the right one for you in our buying guide below.

Best ACOG Clone Reviews of 2020

#1 CRUSHUNT 4×32 Red Chevron Glass Etched Reticle RifleScope

CRUSHUNT 4x32 Red Chevron Glass Etched Reticle RifleScopeFor the hunters and shooters out there who are finding a good riflescope for their craft, the CRUSHUNT 4x32mm riflescope is the perfect scope for you. This model is equipped with better features as compared to other models for a more precise target shooting.

The CRUSHUNT riflescope allows for a clearer image of the target with its 4-x magnification and an objective lens of 32 mm. It features a multi-coated lens that is ideal for improving the clarity of the target.

Another great feature that the CRUSHUNT cheap ACOG for AR 15 has is that it has a bright daytime reticle using fiber optics. Its chevron reticles collect ambient light and with its clear optics, it is useful in precise shooting even under dim conditions.

This riflescope has a generous eye relief of 38mm for a clear, unobstructed image of the target. Its eye relief also allows the shooter to see everything comfortably without straining the eyes and without risk of having a bleeding brow.

The rugged durability of the CRUSHUNT riflescope is also guaranteed. This riflescope is waterproof, weatherproof, and shockproof and fog proof. With its durable construction, this scope is efficient for use for a long time on the field.

However, on the downside of the CRUSHUNT replica ACOG is that its fixed magnification makes it hard to might make it difficult to make frequent adjustments while on the field.
  • 4x magnification
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Chevron reticle and real fiber optic
  • Generous eye relief
  • Waterproof, shockproof and fog proof
  • Fixed magnification makes it hard to make frequent adjustments on the field
Overall, if you want a good quality riflescope that does the job, the CRUSHUNT riflescope is the one you are looking for. Its multi-coated lens, real fiber optics and rugged durability, the CRUSHUNT riflescope is one you can count on for a great performance on the field.

#2 Wipboten 4×32 True Fiber Red Illuminated Crosshair BDC Rifle Scope

wipboten 4x32 True Fiber Red Illuminated Crosshair BDC Rifle ScopeWhether you are an experienced shooter or a beginner, you need a set of really good riflescopes. With the right scope, it is easier to see your targets and to use your rifle.

A perfect ACOG clone can help improve your speed, accuracy, and range. It is one of the best rifle scopes in the market today is the Wipboten Rifle Scope.

Wipboten Rifle Scope is best for those who are on a limited budget but still want to get all the features of a good scope. You do not have to compromise quality for a budget-friendly scope.

Even though this scope is very affordable, it has everything that you need for fast target acquisition and it is very easy to use.

You will love the overall look of this scope. The sight is zeroed to achieve for the 5.56 or .223- ammo. The riflescope has a durable construction; it is resistant to fog, shock and water damage. These features make it the best scope for sporting rifles.

The scope is powered by a fiber source, which means it gives more reticle illumination and bright environment. Fiber optics collects light, so its reticles are bright, making them perfect for hunting during the daytime.

The ACOG replica scope is made from aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and easy to carry around and mount. It has an adjustable elevation and windage, it is parallax free, it has multi-coated lens and it has four times the magnification of a regular scope, making it easy to spot your target from yards away.

On the downside, there are no arrows that show you how to operate the adjustment turrets. If you ever encounter this issue, you can check the product’s manual.
  • Parallax free
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • 4x magnification
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • No arrows on the adjustment turrets
The Wipboten Rifle Scope is a budget-friendly scope that lets you enjoy your hobby without spending too much nor compromising the quality. It is perfect for both beginners and professionals.

#3 CTOPTIC 5X35 Red Chevron Reticle Rifle Scope

CTOPTIC 5X35 Red Chevron Reticle Rifle Scope If you are one of those hunters and shooters that love their craft and only want the best quality of riflescope, the best Trijicon ACOG clone is the scope you are looking for. It is complete with great features to aid our dedicated shooters in achieving a great shooting performance.

The CTOPTIC riflescope with its 5.27x magnification and an objective lens of 35mm is guaranteed to give you a better and clearer image to help in your precision at aiming targets. With its generous eye relief at 43 mm, the CTOPTIC provides you with an unobstructed view and reduces the risk of straining your eyes and the risk of a bleeding brow.

The CTOPTIC riflescope is powered by fiber source. This feature provides for a clearer and brighter view and helps provides illumination even under low light environment for better target acquisition.

Another great feature of the CTOPTIC riflescope is its multi-coated lens. This multi-coated lens has an anti-glare reflective coating to provide you with good optical clarity under any lighting condition.

For rugged durability, the CTOPTIC riflescope is constructed with durable aluminum alloy material with an anodized matte black finish. It is shockproof, weatherproof and fog proof. It is made well, compact and sturdy for optimal use on the field.

However, the downside of the CTOPRIC riflescope is that some users complain of insufficient eye relief.
  • Durable Construction
  • Powered by fiber source
  • Multi-coated and anti-reflective lens
  • Shockproof, weatherproof and fog proof
  • Adjustable windage and elevation
  • Some customers complain about insufficient eye relief
Overall, the CTOPTIC affordable ACOG scope is of good quality and is a product guaranteed to do the job. It has clear optics and with its rugged durability, this product provides a great shooting performance for our dedicated hunters and shooters on the field.

#4 Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism Scope

Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism ScopeThe Vortex Optics Scope is one of the best scopes available in the market. It is combined various great features that are guaranteed to give a dedicated shooter or hunter a great shooting performance and accuracy on the field.

Fast target acquisition is provided by the sophisticated prism-based design of the Vortex Optics Spitfire Prism cheap ACOG scope. The EBR-556B reticle is directly etched on the prism that gives the shooter the ability to aim at targets faster and with consistency.

The lens of the Vortex Spitfire budget ACOG scope is multi-coated with anti-reflective coating. This feature helps in providing brighter and clearer vision under any conditions even in low light ones. Its red/green illuminated reticle has five intensity levels of illuminate that you can easily adjust to match specific conditions for a clearer vision of the target.

The Vortex Optics Spitfire Prism Scope sports a fast-focus eyepiece. This is easily adjustable and provides quick and sharply focused reticle to aid in the accuracy of the shooting.

I also like how easy it is to mount this Vortex prism cheapest ACOG. It features a multi-height mount system that allows you to mount this scope in 30 to 40mm mounting height. Its dual Picatinny rails enable the scope to be paired with an offset auxiliary reflex sight.

The rugged durability of the Vortex Spitfire Prism Trijicon ACOG alternative is provided with its shockproof construction. This is tested and proven to withstand recoil and impact. And with its nitrogen-purged and o-ring seals, this scope is guaranteed fog proof and waterproof.

However, the downside of this scope is that some users complain about the low eye relief.
  • Fast target acquisition
  • Fully-multi-coated lens
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Multi-height mount system
  • Rugged durability
  • Low eye relief
Overall, this scope is of great quality at a decent price. It is equipped with great features with clear optics that does the job well for a great shooting experience.

#5 CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope

CVLIFE 4x32 Tactical Rifle ScopeCVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope is made for fast aiming and shooting. If you love to compete and hunt, this scope is perfect for you if you’re looking for ACOG style optics. It has 4 times the magnification power of a regular scope.

With a field view of 100 years and an objective lens of 32mm, the CVLIFE Tactical Rifle Scope is a must-have during hunting season. Its optical scope is applauded for its high performance, and with its fiber-optic sight feature, you will get an accurate and fast acquisition.

The ACOG type scope registers a crisp and clear image that helps in accurate shooting. The green-coated lenses are multi-layer and come with three illuminations, green, blue and red. It also has three levels of brightness in its settings for each of the illumination to allow the shooter to look for the brightness that they need.

With its high resolution and light transmission, the compact scope allows you to shoot your target quickly and precisely. It is a lightweight as it weighs around 16 ounces and it measures around 6 inches.

The ACOG style scope package includes the compact scope, a cleaning cloth, a lithium battery, and three Allen keys. You do not have to worry about it recoiling as it is built to prevent recoils from happening. It is also fog-resistant and shockproof.

On the downside of the product, some customers stated that they are having a hard time adjusting the scope. The manual is included in the package so you can check how to adjust the scope. If it still won’t work, you can contact their customer service.
  • Multi-layer lenses
  • Comes in three illuminations
  • Lightweight
  • Fiber optic sight feature
  • Fog resistant and shockproof
  • Difficulty in adjusting the scope
If you are still new at hunting and shooting, the CVLIFE 4×32 Riflescope is the perfect beginner’s rifle ACOG knockoff.

#6 OZARK ARMAMENT 4X Illuminated BDC Reticle Rifle Scope

OZARK ARMAMENT 4X Illuminated BDC Reticle Rifle Scope 1The Ozark Armament Rifle helps give hunters the capability of a mid-long range sighting that they need to shoot accurately. Even though the scope is built with metal, it only weighs a pound.

Own this amazing scope without breaking the bank. It is the best riflescope for beginners in the market. The scope has a top dial that can change the illumination of the three-reticle colors. If you are upgrading from reflex sights or red dots, you may be used to finding the dial on the side so you may adjust a bit when using this scope.

The scope has a Picatinny mount, so it can be tried on rifles and shotguns. The illumination comes in three colors so it is the best fit for those who like to have choices. Its magnification is four times more powerful than regular scopes and you can view anything for 600 yards maximum.

You can track an animal for up to 37 feet, and the Trijicon ACOG knockoff is a modest range for shooting. This simple scope does not come with whistles and bells that usually dominate the exterior; thus, it is clear, accurate and budget-friendly, all that you need in perfect beginner’s scope.

Extra accessories can be added if you wish to, as it has three forward mount points.

On the downside, some customers stated that they had difficulties in adjusting the affordable ACOG alternative to zero. If you have any questions on the product, you can contact their support team.
  • Picatinny mount
  • Budget-friendly
  • Three reticle colors
  • 4x magnification
  • Three forward mounts for accessories
  • Difficulty in adjusting to zero
Overall, the Ozark Riflescope is perfect for beginners. This budget-friendly ACOG like scope has all the features that you need to practice shooting and hunting.

#7 Monstrum Tactical 3×30 Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope

Monstrum Tactical 3x30 Ultra-Compact Rifle ScopeDon’t forget the Monstrum 3×30 Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope when looking for scopes for the money. It is a top rated optics system that can offer you with topnotch optical clarity that is three times the power of magnification. It also features a 30 mm objective diameter for performance integrity.

One of the things I like at the scope is that it has a sleek and modern design, making it look more rugged for its one-piece construction. The aluminum body is also durable and quality. Those who want to make sure they can keep the zero can appreciate this feature.

The S330-R-RG riflescope is also one of the greatest ACOG alternatives because it has capped reset turrets that are adjustable with different adjustments. Even if you’re a newbie, you will be able to get used to the easy adjustments that you can look forward to for choosing the riflescope.

In addition, this scope is of aircraft grade aluminum, making it durable to withstand different situations. Just as what you can read from an ACOG review, the sighting device isn’t just easy to use but also reliable for all weather conditions.

It also comes with a scope with a built-in mount, allowing you to secure it quickly to any Weaver or Picatinny rail equipped rifle.

Whether you’re shopping for the best ACOG clone under 200 or above, you can check out the sighting tool that can offer you with a clear sight picture on any conditions. It also features a dial-controlled illumination in green and red along with different brightness intensities.

On the downside, its elevation knob could loosen over time.
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Can hold zero
  • Integrated mount
  • Clear sight picture
  • Quality lenses
  • Elevation knob could loosen over time
Overall, the Monstrum 3×30 Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope is another top choice to consider when looking for an ACOG clone that feels and looks like the real thing.

#8 Sightmark SM26021 Wolverine Red Dot Sight

Sightmark SM26021 Wolverine Red Dot SightFor those who are looking for a Trijicon ACOG clone for their outdoor hunting pursuits, you don’t have to look too far. The Sightmark Wolverine is one of the best models of riflescope out which ensure great performance on the field.

The Sightmark Wolverine Sight is specifically designed and best for use for short-barreled rifles and shotguns.

This close-range optic Sightmark Wolverine CSR Red Dot Sight features 4 MOA reticle and an objective lens of 23mm. It has a digital switch for its brightness control. Its lens is anti-reflective and scratch-resistant. These features are effective to provide you with a clearer vision and image.

Adding to its clarity, the Sightmark Red Dot Sight not only offers variable brightness but also night vision modes. These various modes give the shooter the ability to see with a night vision sight and are ideal for use under dim conditions.

The Sightmark Red Dot Sight cheap ACOG sight is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to mount and use on the field. It also has extremely low power consumption and it can be powered by a single AA battery.

Another great feature of the best ACOG alternative is its fog proof and nitrogen proof elements that allow the shooters to aim and shoot under most conditions and temperature ranging from -22 to 122F. You are also assured of the durability of the Sightmark Red Dot Sight. It has an IP67 waterproof rating, and it can be submerged to water up to three feet.

However, the downside of the Sightmark Red Dot Sight is that its fixed magnification makes frequent adjustments especially on the field difficult.
  • Anti-reflective and scratch-resistant lens
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • Durable construction
  • Variable brightness and night vision mode
  • Fixed magnification makes frequent adjustments difficult
Overall, this product is of good quality and highly recommended. With its great features, clear optics and rugged durability, this product is efficient for use on the field.

#9 Terminus Optics 4×32 Chevron Reticle Red Fiber Rifle Scope

Terminus Optics 4x32 Chevron Reticle Red Fiber Rifle ScopeTerminus Optics is an American made scope that has four times the magnification of a regular scope. It has 4×32 or 32mm lenses that help to power up your vision and see your target to up to 600 meters.

The diameter of the objective lenses is 1.26 inches or around 32mm and it has 1.5 inches or 38mm of eye relief. The cheap ACOG alternative has an exit pupil of 6mm or 0.24 inches and the overall field view of the scope is 6 degrees.

If you want to have the field view at 100 yards, the scope can be adjusted to 10.06m or 33.0 feet with a 5.7 display resolution.

The scope’s body is made of aluminum, making it fog proof, waterproof, weatherproof and shockproof, so you can continue your target practice even during rainy days.

The scope has a TA51 mount, which is made for Picatinny rail systems of about 20 mm, and the site picture is see-through. The mount can be removed and the Toc1 of the scope is interchangeable with other adapters.

You can choose a measurement sight for the perfect and accurate distance of the scope’s view. The scope’s optic length has a 150 mm magnification with four times the optical coating, the optics color are fully multi-coated.

The front lens of the scope is multi-coated and they are parallax free. You do not need any batteries to make it work, it also has no on and off switch. This scope is solar-powered, meaning the sunlight is needed to power the illumination of the scope, if the light is limited; the reticle illumination is limited too.

On the downside, if you happen to have poor vision, or if you wear glasses or contact lenses, there are no focus adjustments and there is a chance that what goes through the lens could be blurry.
  • Interchangeable Toc1
  • Fog proof
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • 4x magnification
  • No focus adjustments
Overall, the Terminus Optics Rifle Scope is a great scope for hunting and target practice. This reliable scope can be used even on rainy days.

#10 Bushnell Tactical Elite 1×32 Red/Green T-Dot Riflescope

Bushnell Tactical Elite 1x32 Red/Green T-Dot RiflescopeIf you are hunter or shooter dedicated to their craft and is looking for a riflescope for your outdoor pursuits or for shooting competitions, the Bushnell Tactical Elite riflescope would be the perfect riflescope for you.

The Bushnell Tactical Elite riflescope is equipped with an illuminated red/green T-dot reticle to help in faster target acquisition. Accuracy in target shooting is also guaranteed even in dim conditions.

Providing shooter with better accuracy, the Bushnell Tactical Elite riflescope features a Zoom Dot option. This feature allows you to tune down the size of your aiming point to one MOA up to 10 MOA for close quarters allowing for a more effective and precise target shooting.

Further, the Amber-Bright lens coating of the Bushnell Tactical Elite riflescope enables the shooter to distinguish a target more precisely, for example, a brown critter from a brown tree. This riflescope is effective for use during the fall season.

Another great feature of the Bushnell Tactical Elite riflescope is its tactical turrets that allow rapid adjustment while focusing on a target. It also has an unlimited eye relief and features a blacked-out finish for effective concealment.

The durability of the Bushnell Tactical Elite Trijicon clone is also guaranteed with its 100% waterproof, fog proof and shockproof durable construction.

However, the downside of the Bushnell Tactical Elite riflescope is that its caps fit loosely and falls off easily.
  • Illuminated red/green T-dot
  • Zoom dot option
  • Amber-bright lens coating
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • 100% waterproof, fog proof and shockproof construction
  • Lens caps fits loosely and falls off easily
Overall, this riflescope is of a good buy and certainly and perfect for the dedicated shooters in the field even if it does not have the Tritium power source It provides for better accuracy in shooting and with rugged durability, it is a great product at a decent price.

Buying Guide

What are ACOG Clones?

best cheap ACOG alternative

Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) clones are alternatives to the original ACOG scopes, which were introduced in action back in the 1980s. These high-end scopes are used for applications include tactical and combat. They are super clear and reliable on any weather. These scopes also have a powerful magnification and illumination, too.

ACOG scopes are expensive, so gun enthusiasts are finding ways on how to get the feel of a real deal with a clone. These clones are what hunters and gun enthusiasts buy and use instead, and that’s thanks that many companies have developed such clones.

These clones are known to have powerful magnification and great performance. They can also perform greatly even with heavy recoil, but they’re not as expensive as the real deals.

So right now, there are many models and materials used by companies to develop and manufacture these clones. For this reason, you must compare your options well to prevent ending up with cheap, unreliable alternatives.

ACOG Scope vs. ACOG Clone

ACOG Scope vs. ACOG Clone

Some of the best gun sights in the world are ACOG scopes, which are introduced and developed by TRIJICON. They’re typical for the AR 15 and other similar rifles. As said, they’re powerful and clear and can provide reliable performance for tactical and combat operations.

These high-end scopes are functional, sexy and sleek, so their designs are well loved by users worldwide. ACOG scopes are gold for many that can afford such scopes with a high price tag. They are hard to beat, too, in terms of quality, so many people pay for them even if they are expensive.

For this reason, many people are looking for alternative ACOG scopes especially those that would rather not or cannot spend for a real ACOG scope. These copycats or imitations are on the market in order to fill the growing demand for ACOG scopes.

These ACOG like products can also perform well but only if you have chosen well and prevent cheap knockoffs with poor optics and flimsy materials. So if you spend effort and time in comparing your choices on high quality clones, you can get more out of your spending.

For this reason, you should compare your options on what to find on the market to prevent getting a low quality clone that will just make you feel frustrated in the end. With careful research, you can get the feel, look and performance of an ACOG at the fraction of the price. Finally, you will be able to buy a clone that has the right objective lens size, field of view, magnification and light transmission.

Factors to Consider when Buying the ACOG Clone

best ACOG clone

The market is flooded by ACOG clones right now, so it is more often than not confusing those who are to buy this scope for the first time. If you’re in the same boat as the others, you might want to check out the following for a guide to find the right ACOG replica.


One of the most important things to consider when finding an ACOG clone scope is its materials. No matter you’re getting a real one or a replica, you should find a rugged and compact one. Remember, you’re mounting it on a weapon, like a tactical weapon. If you don’t consider the material, you might end up in a scope made of cheap and flimsy materials.

You should find one that can deal with the abuse and changing weather conditions. However, the scope should still be lightweight. Therefore, it is better to choose one which is made of magnesium alloy or aluminum alloy for the material of your ACOG clone.


You should go shopping around for a scope that has suitable magnification based on your needs or where you plan to use the scope for with your firearm. At most, many ACOG scopes are at a fixed magnification of 1X, but then, there are models that can reach up to 5X.

So without even saying, you should also consider different factors in the magnification when shopping around for a riflescope. If you’re using the firearm for close distances, you might want to check out a 1X model that can give you a wide view field. On the other hand, you might want to get one that has a higher magnification if you’re using the scope for medium to long-range distances.

Battery life and brightness

Remember, clones aren’t going to use TRITIUM for brightness level adjustment, but they run using lithium batteries. Just check for the battery life when trying to compare different scopes. See the label for what the manufacturer has listed for the battery life.

This feature is important because most of the ACOG scopes are with illuminated reticle that has adjustable brightness settings. If the scope does not offer a range of brightness settings, you might want to take a look at another.


Take note of the rail compatibility of the scope because there are different rail styles used on handguns, shotguns and rifles. Many of the ACOG scopes are with mounting bases. But then, you may want to spend some money if the scope doesn’t have a base. In this case, you must ensure that the knockoff you’re buying allows mounting to the railing type on your firearm or weapon.


Another important thing when trying to compare different ACOG scopes is the price. The clone is more affordable than the real deal, so take note of this when buying a knockoff. You should not drop money as huge as that if you would buy a real TRIJICON.

Special Features

The clone is also with the special features as the real deal TRIJICON ACOG. You can depend on it for capabilities you will normally expect from a real ACOG. Some of the things that the clone must feature include multicoated lenses, weather resistance, and compatibility with night vision devices, bullet drop compensator, CQB capable and reticle setting options. Check on these special features to ensure that you will get more out of what you will be spending for the knockoff.

There you have some of the things to consider when buying an ACOG clone that you need to know so that you can have a satisfying purchase. Take note of these factors to consider when weighing your options and use a heavy-duty and high-performing ACOG scope today!

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Choosing among the top picks for the best ACOG Clone, you should consider your needs and the situations you will be using your rifle or weapon to ensure that it’s suitable for it. Also, think of the magnification, battery life, special features and materials, to name some, when weighing your options.

To get started, you can also refer to our buying guide with the top picks in the category, check out their features and compare their pros and cons. With such information, you can make a better decision in buying the right scope that can accommodate your needs, deal with tough situations and perform well in the field. Buy the ACOG alternative that is right for you today!

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